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We have had many requests to design a Great Lent Lady Cookie Cutter...


Many of our Greek family and friends were not familiar with the tradition of the 'seven feet for 'seven weeks' calendar. We hope you enjoy the tradition of baking with loved ones and breaking off the feet as the weeks progress through Lent.


We make a vanilla sugar cookie dough, roll 1/4 inch thick then chill for at least 30-60 minutes. Dip your cookie cutter into a plate of flour making sure to cover all cutting edges (feet). Once you press the cookie cutter into the dough-give the cutter a good 'wiggle' to make sure it is cut through. Occasionally we did use a toothpick to help loosen the feet.


Cutter Measures 6.25 x 3.25 inches

Food Safe PLA Plastic


Great Lent Lady


This cookie cutter “depicts Kyra Sarakosti. Sarakosti is the Greek name for the 40 days of Lent before the feasts of Christmas and Easter. Kyra, of course, in Greek stands for “lady”… it is natural that Sarakosti goes by so slowly for those who are fasting as they hurry to reach the end. For this reason, when there were no calendars and people wanted to have some sense of time during Great Lent (before Easter), they devised an easy method of doing this. They drew up an image of Sarakosti as a nun. They took a piece of paper and cut out a shape of a woman. Kyra-Sarakosti does not have a mouth as she is fasting: her hands are crossed in prayer. She has seven feet for the seven weeks of Great Lent [including Holy Week]. Every Saturday one of her feet is cut off. The last foot to be cut off on Holy Saturday is folded and placed in a dried fig or nut and whoever finds it is considered to be lucky.”

—G.A. Mega, Greek Feasts

Great Lent Lady, Kyra Sarakosti , Greek Easter cookie cutter

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