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My Greek Home is a story of agapi  (love in Greek) . I married the man of my dreams, have two beautiful children and have been embraced by our wonderful Greek community. From the time I married into this Greek life, I’ve been surrounded by friends and family who guide me in Greek traditions. (They also try to teach me to bake-and I love them even when they take my not perfect koulourakia off the pan! ).

As we have shopped to decorate our home, I saw pillows, cards, coffee mugs and more with wonderful sentiments and have always thought-that should be done with Greek sayings!  So we have selected our best friends to help with translations, designing and sewing to create the most unique Greek products you will find.  You will notice that our sentiments may have a slight twist as they are coming from me, a non-Greek, but love everything Greek! Our hope is to bring beauty to your life and special gifts for the ones you love.


 We hope you enjoy our newest products-Greek inspired Cookie Cutters! You can bake the sweetest gifts for your friends and family!!

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